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What is the difference between Granite & Quartz?

The difference is Granite is a natural stone found beneath the surface of the earth and is very Porous Whilst Quartz is still a stone but quartz has a higher strength and durability than granite and non – porous.

What warranty do we get with the Granite or Quartz?

With Quartz you can get between 10-25 years warranty pending on which brand you buy. Granite you will get 10 years warranty from the time of purchase.

What edge profile are included in the price?

Included in the quotation are Double Bevell Edge and Pencil Round are included within the price.
There will be an extra cost for any other type of Edge required.

What thickness does the Granite and Quartz come in?

Granite and Quartz comes in 20mm and 30mm thickness only.

When can a template be produced?

A Template can only be produced when your Kitchen is fully fitted and fixed to the wall and you have your appliances on site so they to can be templated.

Can I put hot pans on my Quartz worktop?

The answer is no you can’t as Quartz has some different Resins in and there may be a possibility it will burn and this will affect your warranties with the supplier.

Is everything you sell the same price?

The answer is simply no, each job is bespoke and prices accordingly.

Do you sell sinks?

Yes, we do. We sell sinks from

Here are just a few questions we get asked all the time however we are always here to answer any questions you may have.